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5 Little Things Homebuyers Love That You Need To Mention

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When it comes to selling your home, it’s not just square footage, number of bedrooms and a great layout that affects potential homebuyer’s decisions. There are actually 5 little things homebuyers love that could make a big difference in the sale of your home, and the worst part is that most sellers forget to mention them. So just what are these hidden gems? Read on to find out!

5 Things Homebuyers Love

Things Homebuyers Love - Eco & Energy Efficient

1. Energy & Eco-Efficiency

What home buyer doesn’t want to save a little money on their heating, water and gas bills? The answer is a resounding no one. Zip, zero, nobody. Everyone wants to be able to help the environment and save a little cash while doing so.

Many homeowners forget to mention the great energy-saving upgrades they’ve added to they’re home over the years. It doesn’t matter whether they be large projects like adding solar panels to your roof or small projects like switching all the light bulbs to super-efficient LED’s, prospective home buyers will appreciate the savings you are passing on.

A few of these improvements that people forget to mention are the installation of dual-paned windows, new insulation, new water heaters and energy star rated appliances. If you’re going above and beyond just energy saving and are trying to have a more eco-friendly home as well, don’t forget to mention that too! Many people are thrilled with the idea of a backyard garden, compost bin or even a homemade recycling center.

Things Homebuyers Love - Green Cleaning

2. Green Cleaning

Allergies are a huge concern for a large portion of American families, so it’s important to emphasize your home’s hypoallergenic features if you have them! You may have noticed that most home listings say things along the lines of being a “Smoke-Free” or “Pet Free” home. This is of greater importance that just knowing that the walls and floors are free of claw marks. People with severe allergies rely on their homes to be impeccably clean for the sake of their overall health. Having systems such as a hypoallergenic HVAC system, air purification or even the use of strictly chemical-free cleaning products could go a long way in selling your home.

Things Homebuyers Love - Storage

3. Storage & Organization

In this day and age, everyone has more stuff than they know what to do with and have usually outgrown their previous home. Lack of adequate storage space is one of the main reasons people decide to switch homes, so showcasing your storage and organizational spaces are a must when it comes to showing your home.

If you’ve gone to the trouble of accommodating your own families needs, chances are you can play up the organizational spaces you’ve created to help sell the home to a new owner. Built-ins are highly sought after and putting emphasis on all the space the new owners will have for their things is a sure fire way to get them excited about your home. Remember to highlight even the spaces you don’t use, because you never know what might come in handy for someone else.

Things Homebuyers Love - Senior Accessible

4. Suitable For Seniors

With a large portion of America’s society being of “baby boomer” age, it’s important to showcase your home’s ability to allow potential owners to “age in place“. What this means is home buyers want the option of living in their home beyond retirement.

Some great amenities to highlight for baby boomers are level entrance ways, minimal stairs, an open concept space and single story layouts. They may also be looking for things like low maintenance landscaping, easily accessible en-suite bathrooms and space to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers.

Many families are also gearing towards moving an elderly parent in with them, so don’t forget to mention the in-law suite or “outlaw” unit your home may have.

Things Homebuyers Love - Neighborhood perks

5. Neighborhood Perks

People are willing to pay big bucks for a home located near lots of amenities or attractions. Many times, people get stuck searching a certain zip code for their new home, when in reality, there are some even better neighborhoods just outside those limits.

It’s important to emphasize what your home is close to, this includes things like public transit, restaurants, entertainment districts, schools, and parks. Listing your proximity to important amenities could also sway a buyer to go a bit above their price range and that way can open it up to a lot more possibilities. It’s also important that just because you’re in a popular neighborhood, not to assume people know where it is located or what is nearby. Maybe people more from different cities or states and need a little help navigating their new home.

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