The Flintstone’s House: Now You Too Can Live Like a Modern Stone Age Family!

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Well Flintstone’s fans, it looks like it’s come time for Fred and Wilma to leave their old digs and look for something a bit more contemporary. Their iconic “Home” has recently come up for sale, and while it (sadly) isn’t located in a town called Bedrock, it is located near beautiful San Francisco (which we’re willing to bet has a lot more modern amenities). And although this home may be old, we’re talking prehistoric here, it’s not going to come cheap! It’s current listing price is $4.2 Million and that doesn’t even include super-cool next-door neighbours Barney and Betty Rubble.

All joking aside, this super unique home has actually only been nicknamed The Flintstone’s house since it bears a striking resemblance to Bedrock real estate (sorry, couldn’t resist). It has also been called The Marshmallow House, Dome House and Bubble House since it’s construction in 1976. This three-bedroom, two-bath home was built by architect William Nicholson using the “monolithic dome construction” technique, which consists of spraying concrete onto wire foundations. Nicholson went on to build more dome-like structures, but this has been by far his most famous.

The interior of this 2,730 square foot home includes features like egg-shaped windows, wavy doors, multiple skylights and a sunken living room. There is also built in shelving throughout the house to add to its creative charm. The kitchen features glass countertops secured with metal “spines” and cutout doors, cabinets and drawers. Unsurprisingly, the stunning steel door was created by famed Burning Man artist, Dan Das Mann.

The last time this home was seen on the market was in 1996 when it sold for only $800,000. As we said, it’s now listed for close to 5 times the amount at $4.2M. So, almost 10 years and millions of dollars later, you too can live the coveted and simple stone age life the Flintstone’s have left behind.

If you’d like to learn more about this house, it has its very own website!

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