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Spring Home Projects To Melt Away Winter Blues

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Since groundhog day is just around the corner, we thought we would give Punxsutawney Phil a little coaxing in the right direction by sharing 5 spring home projects guaranteed to melt away your winter blues!

So whether you’re looking to tackle a large renovation like adding on a deck, or just want to spruce up the yard by doing a little landscaping, we’ve come up with some cheap and easy spring projects to fit any budget or skill level.

5 Essential Spring Home Projects

Spring Home Projects - Landscaping

1. Landscaping

What better time is there to get your yard in order than springtime? Even if the weather is still cool where you live, you can spend the first few months of spring planning where and when you will plant new trees, shrubbery, flowers or even a new vegetable garden.

Now is also a great time to take stock of what you do have. Maybe there are some overgrown bushes in the corner of your yard that could be trimmed and made into a great addition? Or maybe there’s a large tree that, with some pruning, could be a beautiful focal point in your yard.

Landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive if you do it right. Simple changes such as trimming, pruning, weeding and mowing can have your yard looking wonderful with little to no money spent. Add in some fresh mulch in your flower best and your yard will start looking like you hired a professional.

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2. Build a Fence

Many people love the privacy and added security that a fence adds to their property. Not only that, but they can help lend a new and updated look to your home for not a whole lot of money.

While hiring contractors to install fencing may come out to be very pricey, cheaper alternatives include this beautiful do-it-yourself “picket” option. Wooden fences are much easier to put up than any other type of fence and you can usually cover an entire property for around $1,000 (depending on the square footage).

This also gives you the option of customizing your fence’s look as well as overall sturdiness. For example, if you have small dogs or children you are trying to keep in the yard, the fence won’t need to be as robust as if you have large dogs or teenagers jumping over it. You can also customize the gates, latches, colors and designs to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic.

Spring Home Projects - Decking

3. Decking

Come summertime, everyone wishes they had a beautiful deck on which to lounge about, host dinner parties or play with the kids. A great time to get started on building this deck is in the spring when the air isn’t too hot and the snow has all melted.

Decking is one of the top renovations to add a significant amount of value to your home. ¬†And while this isn’t usually a do-it-yourself project, the money spent will bring you a great return on investment and be an added feature when selling your home in the future.

The best way to go about constructing a new deck is to do your research! Getting quotes from many different contractors, asking around about other people who have put in decks and costing out the materials will give you a good estimate of how much what you want will end up costing. Once you’ve found a great contractor to do the job, you can decide on if you want any extras or upgrades like a built in firepit, pergola or planters.

Spring Home Projects - Front Door

4. Front Door

There are many more great spring home projects that are sure to brighten up your home, but painting or re-finishing your front door is the quickest way to go. Brightly colored doors are a cheap and easy way to add instant curb appeal and give you home a refreshing facelift.

While you’re in the process of rejuvenating your front door, why not tackle the trim and molding around it? Now is also a good time to look for any gaps or leaks in the doorway and add a fresh layer of caulk to cure any drafts, and the same goes for all surrounding windows.

Another thing you can do to instantly freshen things up is to buy new house numbers, spruce up the mailbox or replace any old lighting fixtures. Powerwashing your veranda or entrance way is another low-cost way to make your home look like new, and topping it off with some fresh blooms is the icing on the cake.

Spring Home Projects - Gutters

5. Gutters

Last, but certainly not least is updating your gutter system. While this one might not be the most exciting on the list, it is arguably the most important!

It may come as a surprise to some, but cleaning your gutters at least twice per year is essential for maintaining a safe home. Clogs in your gutters can lead to big damages like leaks, cracks in your foundation and water damage while dry leaves and twigs can be a potential fire hazard.

Having clean gutters also cuts your risk of infestation by certain insects and will keep them working well for years to come. Another great idea is to update your gutter system to either a covered design (to keep debris out) or something like copper piping to add a little drama to your home. Either way you go, making sure they are cleaned in the spring is a must!

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