Silence of the Lambs House

The Silence of the Lambs House is Up For Sale for a Very Affordable $300,000. Interested?

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Film fanatics rejoice! There’s finally a home that has been featured in an iconic film for sale that’s a reasonable price (not like The OC Home). One catch though, it’s the rather creepy home of fictional serial killer Buffalo Bill from the cult-classic, Silence of the Lambs. Still interested?

Well, if you are, the Silence of the Lambs house is a 2,334 square foot, 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom home located in Perryoplois, PA (we Googled where that is for you), and is currently available for only $300,000. Although the home isn’t exactly how it appeared in the movie, we’re okay with that. Personally, we’re not sure we want to know anyone that wants to buy a home complete with a dry well/torture chamber in the basement.

It’s also important to note there is no where to sew your woman-skin suits. Sorry.

The 1910 Princess Anne-style home does, however, come situated on 1.76 acres, and is complete with a wrap around veranda, three fireplaces, a built-in gazebo and original wood flooring.  The lush backyard is also home to an in-ground pool, a train car which doubles as a pool house, a detached oversized shop/garage and is only steps away from the Youghiogeny River.

If you’re able to look past all the fictional murders that took place in this quaint, historical home, you’re sure to also love the large master bedroom complete with fireplace and walk-in closet. In addition to the grand, oak staircase in the front of the home, there is also a rear staircase attached to the third bathroom for easy escapes  access to the kitchen.

While we are a little too creeped out ourselves to go running to the 1,000 person town of Perryopolis, PA to snatch up this great deal, it may be a good investment for the true die hard fan. It may also make for a charming “bed and breakfast” according to the current owners. Although we’re not sure who would want to come stay there.

Oh, and if you’re into entertaining, the gazebo looks like the perfect place to enjoy a nice bottle of chianti, if we do say so ourselves.

All photos from & Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.

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