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Shhh… We’ve Got 6 Secrets To Share From People with Squeaky Clean Homes

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You know those people whose houses always look like they’re straight out of a magazine or like they secretly live somewhere else and this is their “entertaining” home? Yeah, we know a couple too but none of us are one of them. That’s why we decided to look up some tips on how to better keep our homes neat and tidy all year round since we are, in fact, in the home business. The tips we found from Trulia and beyond were so helpful, we decided to share them with you as well! So whether you’re home is a spotless show home, a less than tidy frat house or just somewhere in between, we have 6 secrets to help keep it that way, or get it back in shape!

Ultra Clean Homes - Baby Wipes

1. They Buy Baby Wipes

Yes, even if they don’t have kids! If you’re a mom, you probably already know how useful baby wipes can be for everyday tasks. But if you’re not savvy to how they can help you out in a pinch, here’s a few ways you can use them:

  • Quickly wipe away spills, stains and sticky messes
  • Use them to clean surfaces like counter tops and tables
  • Use them quickly on fabrics or upholstery to soak up the stain before it sets
  • Use as a pre-wash treatment before putting clothing in the washer
  • Pick up pet hair from fabrics

The reason baby wipes are so popular in the clean community is because they are gentle and won’t harm any surfaces but still provide a good clean.If you’re not keen on using the baby variety, you can always pick up a package of any pre-moistened towelettes to clean up all these everyday messes. But, be careful if you’re using anti-bacterial wipes because they can damage some types of furniture and finishings.

Ultra Clean Homes - Make Your Bed

2. They Make Their Bed

As much as you think “no one will see it”, chances are someone will poke their head into your bedroom at some point in time, and during those times, you must be prepared! Not only will making your bed everyday make guests think you are incredibly clean and organized (all the time), it also may just inspire you to pick up those clothes on the ground and clean off your nightstand? Whether it does or doesn’t, it’s a speedy way to take your home from frat house to show home in minutes.

Ultra Clean Homes - Hosting

3. They Host A Lot of Parties

This may seem a bit counterintuitive since you’ve probably seen the aftermath of an awesome night in. But it turns out, people that host parties or get togethers regularly tend to keep their homes cleaner than the rest of us. Why? Because they are always expecting to have guests. If you’re someone who rarely has people over and know no one is going to drop by unannounced, it’s easier to see the mess as “normal” and leave it as is. Try inviting people over once a week for dinner or drinks. This will force you to tidy the house at least that often!

Ultra Clean Homes - No Dirty Dishes

4. They Never Leave Dirty Dishes

As much as we would all just love to laze around on the couch after a big meal, people with super clean houses know that this just isn’t an option. Leaving dishes in the sink overnight raises the likelihood that you will leave them there for even longer, and maybe even another night. Cleaning up the dishes right after you’ve eaten dinner and ensuring your kitchen is clean before going to bed is a good habit to get into. You’re definitely not going to want to wash the dishes when you wake up at 6am in a rush to get to work are you? Getting it done and over with ensures you will wake up to a mess-free home and be ready to tackle the day.

Ultra Clean Homes - Clean As You Go

5. They Clean Up As They Go

Instead of having their kitchen look like a bomb went off after cooking a fabulous meal, people with clean homes tidy up as they go along. Finished with that bowl? Rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. Don’t need those spoons anymore? Rinse and repeat. Washing dishes while you’re cooking dinner will also create a lot less work after dinner, when you’re a lot less likely to want to do anything. Limiting the amount of dishes you have to wash at the end of your meal by washing them after they are used will leave you with stress-free clean up and lots of time to visit and relax.

Ultra Clean Homes - Minimalism

6. They’re Minimalists

It’s pretty safe to say that if you don’t have much stuff lying around, your house has much less of a chance of getting messy and looking cluttered. People with immaculate homes know this fact and keep their things limited to what they need. A lot of the time, people with lots of “stuff” think that all they need is a little organization to keep all their things in place. But how many times have you spent your entire day tidying up your home, only to have it look exactly the same by the time the next weekend rolls around? The best tip for keeping your house truly clean is to simplify, minimize and purge any extra items in your home. That way there is less of a chance that one of your 8 cell phone chargers to end up under the guest room bed along with your old lego sets and a calendar from 1997.

So, which category do you fall into? Messy, tidy or somewhere in between? What are your top cleaning tips for keeping your home in tip-top shape? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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