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6 Top Home Improvements That are Worth the Splurge

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When it comes to the top home improvements in the country, there are some key areas to focus on to ensure enhanced resale value of your home. These could be as small as what colour paint to choose for your living room to as large as which room is best to tear down and start from scratch. While no single remodel or upgrade is going to appeal to everyone, it’s obviously best to choose what will work for you and your family over the biggest increase in resale value. Here are our top 6 tips for what to splurge on when it comes to upgrading your home to get the most satisfaction and resale value.

Top Home Improvements - Roofing

1. Permanent & Fundamental Home Improvements

Focusing your time and money on replacing or upgrading permanent fixtures, such as windows, roofs and doors, is going to do your home good in the long run. Although these may seem like very large and expensive tasks, they are not only going to make a big difference in the value of your home, but also in the quality of living. An added bonus of upgrading windows and doors is that there is now a wide variety of energy efficient options that can potentially get you tax credits and rebates, as well as save you money on the utility bill.


2. The Front Door

Speaking about fundamental fixtures, the front door to your home is of particular importance. It is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to increase the value of your home and add that much sought after curb appeal. Bright colours, high-gloss finishes and steel reinforcement are especially appealing to home buyers and create eye-catching contrast when viewed from the street.

Top Home Improvements - Kitchen

2. The Kitchen

You may have guessed this one would be on the list but it isn’t as straight forward as slapping on some new counter tops and cabinets. Nope, kitchens need to be done right and funnily enough, they don’t actually have to be that expensive. On average, Americans spend $18,856 on remodelling their kitchens and savvy shoppers can do it for even less. Upgrading the core features of a kitchen like cabinets, counter tops and flooring can bring big value into your home. Going over-the-top however, can hurt. According to US News, as a general rule you should not spend more than 25% of your homes worth on a kitchen upgrade. So if you’re thinking about putting a $40,000 Kitchen into your $175,000 condo, you might want to think again.


3. Hardware, Paint & Fixtures

While you may not think of this as an area to splurge on while doing home improvements, but purchasing high quality fixtures, paints and hardware will add that special something to your home that’s sure to get noticed. Not only that, but higher quality means better longevity, more durability and less need for repairs in the long run, which is something potential home buyers appreciate. Adding small touches also shows you pay attention to the detail of your home and keep everything well maintained.

Top Home Improvements - Landscaping

5. Landscaping

A well landscaped yard significantly improves the impression people have off your home. Hiring someone with expertise in this area is usually always worth the splurge. A qualified landscaper knows how to utilize area, plant what’s best for you area and include details you may not have considered. As an added bonus to people whose thumbs aren’t as green as others, they will leave you with a manageable plan to keep your garden looking gorgeous.

Top Home Improvements - Wooden Deck

6. Wood Decking

Your backyard is basically an extension of your home and should be treated as such. Having a sturdy and well-maintained wood deck is going to add allure and value to your home with it having one of the highest ROI (return on investments) in the business. Making your deck area an inviting and livable space gives your home added square footage in the summer or all year round depending on where you live.

Whether it be adding a deck, painting some rooms or simply changing up the front door, splurging in any of these 6 areas is sure to bring more value (and curb appeal) to your home when it comes time to sell.

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